Gealach Gorm - The Magic of Irish Dance



Supporting German-Irish Culture is a very important aspect of "Gealach Gorm - The Magic of Irish Dance". Therefore, the association often performs on many national and international cultural events.

Auftritt von Gealach Gorm beim Seeparkfest 2006 in Bad Bodenteich

Of course, the dancing group can also be hired for private or business events. A spectacular show program which leasts according to requirements from 10 - 60 minutes (prices available on request) is offered. Irish Dance is presented there in its specific variations - as a graceful Slip Jig or as a fantastic Treble Reel (which is the typical sound and rhythm, known from e.g. "Riverdance").

Highlights in the past:

„Irish Festival - Deutsches Eck“ 1995

Tournee through whole Germany since 1996

Performances at „Das Kelten Fest“ 1996 – 1999

Multi – Color Festival 1996 - 2002

St.Patrick’s Day Tournees 1997 - 2003

Amnesty International anniversary

Performances at the “Irish Music and Dance Festival” 1997 - 2006

“Irish Christmas” Philharmony Munich in cooperation with the “Emerald Dancers” 1998 and 1999

„St.Patrick’s Day Milennium Celebration“ 2000

“A weekend of Irish Dance” 2001

“Tag der offenen Tür Frankfurt” 2001

„Irish Music and Dance Festival“ Hunsrück (Germany) 1999 – 2002

“Festival l’Europeen des Arts” France 2003 - 2006

“Irland zum Anfassen” Roadshow of the Irish Tourist Board Germany 2004

St. Patrick’s Day Festival France 2006