Gealach Gorm - The Magic of Irish Dance

The Dancing Group

Slip JigSince shows like "Lord of the Dance" or "Riverdance" everyone knows these dancers with the incredible fast dancing legs and the graceful „flying“ women.

Founded 1995, the performing dance formation easily reached the top of Europes dance groups, benefitted by a highly established qualification in Irish Dance.

The Dancers have won several prices in solo and group competitions at national and international (continental) feisanna (gaelic for competitions). So Gealach Gorm is nearly a kind of trademark in Irish Dance.

From the beginning on Gealach Gorm (the name means "Blue Moon" in Irish-Gaelic) fascinated every audience.

Who once has seen the group, will never forget it!Boys Treble Jig

To ensure quality and authenticity, there is manager, coreographer, teacher and leading dancer Robert Gabriell (TCRG). He has been co-coreographer of the successful Irish Dance Show "Magic of the Dance" and is registred teacher (TCRG) at the biggest Irish Dancing commision "An Coimissiún Le Rinci Gaelacha" (CLRG) and really can’t negotiate his Irish origin and education.

For those who'd like to learn Irish Dancing themselves, there are beginners and advanced classes with „Gealach Gorm – Traditioneller Irischer Tanzsport Frankfurt e.V.“ and the "Gabriell School of Traditional Irish Dance".