Gealach Gorm - The Magic of Irish Dance

The Association

Irish Dance Workshop mit Gealach GormWho has seen the big shows surely is fascinated in any kind - either by the lively music or by the energetic dance! Indeed, why not try this out for onesself? ;-)

Those people can do so at the German Association „Gealach Gorm – Traditioneller Irisher Tanzsport Frankfurt e.V" and at the "Gabriell School of Traditional Irish Dance". In beginners classes, the basic steps of Irish Dance and the famous group dances ("Ceili") are tought.

Robert GabriellThose who are really "bitten by the bug“ can join advanced courses where they learn graceful solo steps and the fast and noiseful heavy dances (which are known from „Riverdance“ and „Lord of the Dance“ ). There is also the possibility to take part in competitions and become a member of the performing group. The teacher is Robert Gabriell (TCRG), co-coreographor of the spectacular Irish Dance Show "Magic of the Dance"! He is a registred teacher at the worlds biggest Irish Dancing Commision "An Coimissiún Le Rinici Gaelacha".

But of course - solo dancing and performing is not necessary! Those, who have less time (or for other reasons) are also welcome in advanced courses with more complex group dances.

A lasting membership at „Gealach Gorm – Traditioneller Irischer Tanzsport Frankfurt e.V." and its performance and competition group costs:

Adults 80,- € per month
Pupils and students 40,- € per month
Children (4 – 10 years) prices and special conditionas for families available on request.

There are also classes in Hamburg, Suderburg/Uelzen (Northern Germany) at the Gabriell School of Traditional Irish Dance.

For the first classes, ballet or gym shoes (or sth. similiar) and comfortable clothes are enough. The professional soft and hardshoes (as they are called) can be ordered afterwards.